”Because I’m worth it”

Do you associate L’Oreal just with hair and beauty products?Think again! L’Oreal and UNESCO run an international programme founded thirteen years ago on the premise that ‘the world needs science and science needs women’. This awards programme is designed to promote and highlight the critical importance of ensuring greater participation of women in science. Details of the latest awards can be found on the website  www.womeninscience.co.uk.  Research completed by these scientists includes:

  • the role of bacteria in treating environmental contamination
  • molecular adaptations in times of stress
  • gene loop structures associated with genetic disease
  • the complex life of coral

You could get involved with thL’Oreal/UNESCO programme. ‘Soapbox Science’  will be taking place on Monday July16th at The Southbank in London which will be transformed into an arena for public learning and scientific debate.  12 of the UK’s top female scientists will be at the event to inspire future generations of young scientists, particularly young women.

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  1. sarah evansMay 19, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    Thank you for bringing this to all our attentions! Great inspirational women!

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