Birdwatching by Faizah

It was a lovely morning when I woke up that day, to hear the sweet sound of birds singing outside. It was even better to arrive at school and watch them fly from bird feeder to bird feeder pecking their little beaks like mad.

Yes, I went bird watching, and it was a great experience, which I will definitely do again! Arriving earlier than usual to school I was very keen to being able to see the birds in close detail. Who knows what I would see?

Being the first to arrive, I was handed a pair of binoculars to see the birds through. I heard the birds’ sweet song, so I sped ahead to the window, looking around with my binoculars, my eyes darting from place to place, area to area. However, there were not any birds’ to be seen. Even after going upstairs and looking through a much bigger window there weren’t many birds. Highly disappointed I went back downstairs and saw a few of my friends, they looked extremely excited as they looked with their massive binoculars. I then saw what they looked so happy about. I saw pigeons and robins flying around, the robins’ chest puffed out (so they could keep warm). Then in the corner of the garden I saw a goldfinch! It was probably the most beautiful bird I saw that day.

After our tiring, yet exciting session of bird watching we were served hot chocolate with delicious croissants and pastries.

I for one will definitely come again next year, and I hope my experiences inspire you to as well!

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